“I just bought your tool, now you have to tell me what I can do with it”.

No kidding, that is what one client to said to me once. Well, here is a starter for you – in our latest episodes we are talking about the use cases for Business Process Management (not all of them, because we have that self-imposed limit of an hour-ish length for each episode).

In this episode of the What’s Your Baseline Podcast we talk about:

  • Short review of the Process Lifecycle
  • (Process) Documentation, publishing, and standardization
  • (Process) Inventory and analysis
  • Process improvement
  • System implementation
  • Roll-out support
  • Perishable insights response (BI and PI)
  • Execution monitoring
  • Customer experience design
  • Risk mgmt and regulatory compliance
  • Digital twin of an organization
  • Quality management (Enterprise Mgmt System)

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Additional information

  • To follow the episode more easily, here is a short deck that shows the use cases laid over the process lifecycle that we spoke about multiple times before:
  • The DMAIC cycle (from https://www.6sigma.us/dmaic-process/)
  • In this episode we made some references to previous episodes


    Music by Jeremy Voltz, www.jeremyvoltzmusic.com

    • CP1 (Welcome)
    • Airplane Seatbelt (Interlude 1)
    • Wish You Knew Me (Interlude 2)
    • South Wing (Outro)