Welcome to another episode of our podcast. Today’s topic is about growing the practice by assessing and developing the maturity of your BPM or EA Maturity.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • What is maturity and which three areas you should focus on (content, governance, adoption)
  • Assessment of capabilities (5 big buckets)
  • What to rate the maturity against, e.g., CMMI
  • An example of how an assessment can be built and used on a regular basis
  • How to grow the maturity over time
  • Tips on how to get the full picture on where you are on your journey (individual maturity vs. organizational maturity)

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Additional information

  • In this episode we made some references to previous episodes
  • The three areas of a successful implementation
3 Areas of Successful Implementations
Architecture capabilities


Music by Jeremy Voltz, www.jeremyvoltzmusic.com

  • CP1 (Welcome)
  • Lofi Lobby Loop (Interlude 1)
  • FC3 (Interlude 2)
  • Cowbell (Interlude 3)
  • South Wing (Outro)