How do I get started? What is the first thing that I look at? Who will be my allies? What do I need to put in place? When you are tasked to build a brand new Business Architecture practice in an organization that has not had one before is a challenging task. When you have to do this in a 60-year old organization in a field that is relatively unique on the market, that might be even more challenging.

Business Architecture Implementation: Breanne Casteel

Our guest in this episode is Breanne Casteel, a catalyst for change enablement through collaboration and connections to drive empathetic business solutions.

She is a passionate advocate with 20+ years experience bringing awareness of Business Architecture and Business Analysis skills and mindset to numerous roles in the organization with an emphasis on communication, transparency, and collaboration across silos.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • Breanne’s background
  • The case for Business Architecture
  • Finding sponsorship and allies
  • Creating and showing the value of Business Architecture day-by-day
  • (Lack of) Reference models
  • How to get started without a BPM tool first – and then choosing one after the start
  • Planning and building a roadmap – for the organization and the business architecture team as well
  • Setting up a strategic project portfolio for the organization

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Ep. 71 – Business Architecture Implementation – A User Story: Breanne Casteel What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

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