Some organizations are like a ticking time bomb when it comes to their processes and (IT) architecture.

“The old guard” is about to leave the organization in masses (and sometimes not voluntarily) and a lot of knowledge about how things are wired up – which is what architecture is all about, right? – will leave as well. And not too many organizations are prepared for this, and rather pretend that the young kid fresh from college can fill the hole. Note to those orgs: they won’t.

Peggy McCann - The Retirement Challenge

Our guest in this episode is Peggy McCann – she is a veteran business professional who has specialized working in areas that transform business operations. Peggy worked extensively in process mapping and process improvement utilizing new and emerging technologies. She developed workflows for companies that installed new ERP systems that necessitated corporate culture and process change, and worked on multi-national implementations advising and working to meld program roll out to national standards and diverse cultures both internal and external.

Peggy is a project leader covering process engineering; functional/system integration; process controls and system security, and does business advisement for entrepreneurs; financial tracking, marketing, web presence, and ecommerce. She is an advisor for game development firm dealing with internet safety for children, multi user controls and guidelines – community work establishing and defining arts in action.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • Peggy’s background
  • The impact of (forced) retirement for the individuals and what organizations do wrong in that situation. And challenges for the people who shall replace them
  • Benefits of keeping older employees around (the pendulum that swings)
  • Risks for organizations – IT architecture, lack of interest on old technology, data lakes, etc. Orgs don’t know what is running!
  • What can companies (HR) do? How does the conversation between the org and the individual change? How shall roles change?
  • Steps going forward: HR assessment, structured knowledge management capture plan, mentoring, flexible transition models into retirement

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