Welcome to another episode of our podcast. In the final episode of the final season for this year, we are talking about another ten things we’ve learned over the years:

  • How to do things
    • Transparency is more important than ever
    • Strategic alignment is key to your success
    • Sometimes you have to say “no” to requirements
    • Make clear from the outset how a project’s success is measured
  • Tools
    • BPM/EA tools are still too nerdy
    • Tools need to be simpler – how to get to information in three clicks or fewer
    • How to provide self-help resources
    • (Bonus) Do not google “how to create subway maps”
  • The discipline/industry
    • There will be a renaissance of forward-looking data-driven decision making (e.g., Simulation)
    • Process Mining will cease to exist as its own market in 3-5 years
    • Knowledge Management needs to be more in focus

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Ep. 37 – (I can't believe it is another) Ten things I've learned What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

Additional information

  • In this episode we made some references to previous episodes

  • Subway maps
    • Transit Maps website
    • Video of one example of the rabbit hole when you google the term “how to create a subway map”
  • And for those of you who have good ears and heard some dogs barking in the background around minute 51 – here are the responsible puppies FYI
Barking friends (and what they have not learned)


Music by Jeremy Voltz, www.jeremyvoltzmusic.com

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  • Lofi Lobby Loop (Interlude 1
  • Airplane Seatbelt (Interlude 2)
  • Cowbell (Interlude 3)
  • South Wing (Outro)