Today we have a special What’s Your Baseline Shorts episode for you, that has nothing to do with Enterprise Architecture or Business Process Management.

Jeremy Voltz

However, we think that you will like it: our guest today is Jeremy Voltz, an indie-soul musician from Toronto, Ontario, who is gracefully letting us use his music for all intros, outros, and intermissions.

In this episode we are talking with him about:

  • how he got into music (he has a PhD in Mathematics)
  • what kind of music he produces
  • how his process works (well, at least a bit of BPM)
  • and what is next for him

You can reach Jeremy at or via his LinkedIn. Please reach out to us by either sending an email to or leaving us a voice message by clicking here.

We’re closing out the episode with the full Non-Christmas Christmas song “When You’re Near” by him as a small token of our appreciation for you. Please enjoy the upcoming holidays with your loved ones and we will see each other in Season 4 starting in mid-January!

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