One of the biggest problems of architecture groups was (is?) that they are doing good work, but that will not be recognized by others. One of the causes for that is that their repository and artifacts have almost no visibility outside of their group. To mitigate this situation, we are speaking with Laurie Kelly about how to communicate the value of architecture in today’s episode of the What’s Your Baseline Podcast.

Laurie Kelly - Value of architecture

Laurie is the Global Director for Demand Generation at Ardoq, an Enterprise Architecture tool vendor. But she comes with a 25 year background in Marketing, where she held leading Marketing positions at PWC and Mega.

She is excited about the new tools for Marketing automation that allow to capture insights and ROI tracking which has not been available before. She uses this knowledge to help companies and organizations modernize their thought leadership and increase customer engagement, whether in-person or across the digital biosphere of web, mobile, email and social media. Further, she uses her passion to make a difference in her local community by engaging in organizations and projects that cultivate innovative learning.

We are talking about the following topics:

  • Laurie’s background and ambition
  • Defining “success” for architecture, why it is important, who it needs to be successful with, and how to do this
  • Failures of communicating the value
  • How architects can enhance their perceived value – how to communicate, which channels to use, and when to communicate
  • How this can support Marketing to create an effective sales/practice tool
  • Laurie’s immediate four tips to improve talking to non-architects

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Ep. 26 – Communicating the value of architecture: Laurie Kelly What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

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