Welcome to the last episode of our podcast in Season 4 (no worries, we’ll be back for a Season 5). Today we are talking about Customer Experience Management, which is complimentary to BPM and EA.

The key difference is that Customer Experience Management has an outside-in perspective on things, versus the inside-out perspective of your organization, which many BPM groups try to capture and manage. The point is that you shouldn’t stop with this, but rather create an additional view in your architecture, that then can be designed – just as you design your process or app landscapes.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • What is the purpose of Customer Journey Mapping?
  • Outside-in vs inside-out perspective
  • What benefits / risks are there on businesses that justify the need for CXM/CJM?
  • How does this fit into a process and architecture transformation lifecycle?
  • Who contributes to Customer Experience Management?
  • How to design Customer Experience
    • Customer Journey Overview / Landscapes
    • Persona Maps
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Empathy Maps
    • Stakeholder Maps
    • Customer Journey Maps
  • How to measure Customer Experience?
  • How to analyze Customer Journeys?

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