Welcome to another episode of our podcast. Today we are talking about how to choose a process mining tool, to close the loop to the “How to select an architecture tool” episode (link below).

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • What are process mining tools and how they are different than other tools (BI tools, modeling tools) and how can they work together
  • Features to look at when choosing a process mining tool
    • Process Explorer (listen to the details what tools today can and cannot do)
    • Variant analysis
    • Root/cause miner, ideally AI-driven
    • Custom dashboards
    • Calculate new fields
    • Package (dashboards, transformations, calculations) and make it reusable
    • Predictive analysis
    • Trigger actions (as a quick fix for a process, not a redesign)
  • Integration requirements
    • Integration with source tools
    • Integration with other mining tools (task mining)
    • Integration with architecture tool
    • Integration with process execution
  • Cost and other considerations

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Additional information

  • In this episode we made some references to previous episodes
Enterprise Mining


Music by Jeremy Voltz, www.jeremyvoltzmusic.com

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