This is a first – I was invited to be a guest on Christoph Pacher’s State of Process Automation podcast, and it was the first podcast that I did in German! We spoke about Process Mining and how this can fit into the Process / Solution Lifecycle, to ensure that processes are designed to be more efficient.

Listen to the episode of the State of Process Automation below! This is how Christoph described our session:

Die 5 Phasen, um effiziente Prozesse zu designen:

  1. High Level Design & Program Roadmap
  2. Solution Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Process Execution
  5. Measure & Analyze

Prozesse werden nicht effizienter, nur weil du sie digitalisierst. Prozesse werden effizienter, weil du sie neu denkst. Wie gehst du bei der Entwicklung eines neuen Prozesses vor?

In der aktuellen Podcast-Folge hat Roland Woldt (VP Global Consulting, iGrafx) 1.141 Personen erklärt, wie man diese 5 Phasen in der Praxis umsetzen kann und welche Tools dir dabei dein Leben leichter machen.

67 – Solution/Process Lifecycle: Die 5 Schritte, um effiziente Prozesse zu designen (Und welche Tools dir dabei helfen)| Roland Woldt State of Process Automation

Additional information

Overview of the process/solution lifecycle, in which Process Mining plays a part (in the “Measure & Analyze” phase) and is fed by data from other phases.

We have a closer look at the lifecycle in the in our Episode 13.