A few months ago we had an initial look at how to manage and implement change in our conversation with Caspar Jans (in Episode 16) and we are continuing that series with an excellent conversation with Wings Liang about Quality Excellence and how organizations need to “shift left” and can gain competitive advantage by changing their perspective.

Wings Liang

Wings helps organizations pave the road to the future by building high-performance teams, aligning organizational structure, shifting colleague mindset and changing the way people work, designing and streamlining end-to-end business processes, and implementing technology and digital solutions. Her work has advanced business strategy, increased organization agility, improved customer satisfaction, achieved cost savings and ensured regulatory compliance.

She is also passionate about gender equity, diversity and inclusion (D&I). Wings has organized, hosted and participated in large and small D&I events, programs and support groups. Her work has raised awareness, encouraged allyship, and elevated colleagues; resulting in increased female executive representations.

We are talking about the following topics:

  • Wings’ background and very diverse experiences
  • What is QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control)
  • How to transform from QA to Quality Excellence (QE) by shifting from “shift left” to “start left” and the value of this transformation
  • What skills are needed for QE and how people’s behaviors need to change, and what this means for teams
  • The crucial role of test automation and how to manage the big beast of regression testing
  • How AI and ML change test automation

Wings can be found on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wingsliang/. via LinkedIn here:

Please reach out to us by either sending an email to hello@whatsyourbaseline.com or leaving us a voice message by clicking here.

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