A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be the guest on Jakub’s and Patrick’s “Mining Your Business” podcast and talk with them about Process Mining and how it fits into the bigger picture of the process/solution lifecycle, and why process mining pure players tell their customers that they don’t need anything else but their tool (and why this is false).

Overall it was a fun conversation and you can listen to the episode below. In addition to this I am adding some graphics and links to articles that can act as visuals to some of the thoughts we followed.

Here is how the guys describe the episode – enjoy!

“Is process mining overrated? Roland Woldt, Business Transformation Architect at Software AG, who coined the term “Process mining, the hipster child of the process industry“, might have something to say about that. Listen to Mining Your Business Podcast episode 31 to hear from a life long business process consultant and host of What’s Your Baseline Podcast to find out why process mining shouldn’t exist solely on its own but rather as a part of a complex process lifecycle.”

Process mining, the hipster child of the process industry with Roland Woldt, author of What's your Baseline Podcast Mining Your Business

Additional information

Overview of the process/solution lifecycle, in which Process Mining plays a part (in the “Measure & Analyze” phase) and is fed by data from other phases.

We have a closer look at the lifecycle in the in our Episode 13.

Roles in an architecture project (read more about the changing roles of architects in this article):