Your favorite podcast crew were guests on Ansgar Bittermann’s “Pocket Guide AI” AI podcast, and we had the opportunity to speak about one of our favorite topics in front of a live panel, which asked good questions.

Please listen to the episode below and also visit Ansgar’s show (on Spotify and elsewhere). Here is how he described the episode:

“Today we talk with Roland Woldt, Washington, DC, and J-M Erlendson, Toronto. Both are working at Software AG as Business Process and Transformation Architects and are also running their own website (and podcast) at, where they demystify and explain enterprise architecture. 

Our topic today is process mining. As Roland puts it: like footprints in the snow executing processes leave process traces in application systems. And with process mining we can analyze these process traces to discover the underlying processes. We will learn how this works in reality, what a company needs to use this successfully and how it is connected to artificial intelligence.  We will also talk about process lifecycle, process mining analysis and how it is connected to task mining and RPA.”

Process Mining – the hipster child of the process industry – with Roland Woldt & J-M Erlendson AI POCKET GUIDE

We used a deck as a guide for the conversation (before the Q&A), so that the panelists could follow more easily. Please find a slightly updated version of it below.