Today I am happy to announce that we are starting a complimentary podcast to this blog. The topics will, obviously, cover Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management, but also touch related disciplines, such as Project Management and (Agile) Delivery Methods.

You also might have read the “we” in the headline and first paragraph, which means I will be joined by my friend and colleague J-M Erlendson as a co-host. J-M brings decades of experience in the BPM space working in various roles in consulting and pre-sales teams, currently as a transformation specialist. In addition to this J-M is also running a music company, sings in various bands, and has recorded multiple albums. This ensures that the show will sound good. Welcome J-M!

For the first season we will cover the “basics”, similar to the topics in the blog so far, but will have a few guest interviews that will give a different perspective than ours, and extend the horizon of the content here. This first season will run from August to December, and we are already brainstorming about topics for the second season which then will run in the first half of 2022.

So look out for this space and your podcast directory of choice for the What’s Your Baseline podcast – available on all major platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and so on in early August 😉


Roland: Have you ever been confused by jargon-y architect language? Things like “TOGAF”, “BPMN”, and “UML” – what do they mean, and why do they matter? Or suffered through a system implementation that had a lot of upfront planning, but ended up with scope creep?

J-M: Welcome to the What’s Your Baseline podcast, where we explore these topics and more.

Roland: My name is Roland Woldt.

J-M: And I’m J-M Erlendson. We are architecture and process management experts with decades of experience. Our perspective comes from working at platform vendors, large consulting firms, and GSIs.

Roland: So what can you expect here? Each episode, we’ll be diving into a topic that is relevant for you. What it is, why it’s interesting and why you should care. We’ll also share stories from the road – how to implement best practices, and their value.

J-M: Our season 1 focus is on investigating assumptions and principles, and setting yourself and your organization up for success. We’ll also bring in fresh perspectives from some of our favorite thought leaders through live interviews!

Roland: Join us on this bi-weekly journey with the What’s Your Baseline podcast and companion blog at