As we all know, the majority of time in a process mining project is in some form or fashion related to data preparation and a significant lower share of time is spent on the actual analysis. There are multiple ways of getting you data into shape (SQL, visual data modeling tools, etc.), but our guest today has developed an approach and a tool to flip this time relation and shorten process mining projects significantly.

Lotte Vugs - Process Mining Data

Our guest today is Lotte Vugs, who, after 5 years working as a process mining consultant, co-founded Konekti to speed up data preparation for process mining.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • Lotte’s background
  • A quick reminder on what process mining is
  • Time as a critical factor in every process improvement initiative
  • Why data preparation takes so much time
  • Why organizations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the time spent on data preparation: it’s all about effort vs benefit
  • Time-efficient data preparation strategies: Now we know that data preparation is the problem, how to fix it?
  • Managing time in large datasets

You can reach Lotte via email, her LinkedIn, or go to her website

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Additional information

  • We mentioned a few visual data modeling tools – Alteryx and (my favorite) KNIME.


Music by Jeremy Voltz,

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