J-M, your favorite podcast co-host, was the guest in Christoph Piller’s “On a melange with the Process Wizard” a few weeks ago, talking about BPM. And Christoph was our guest in Episode 53 “Subject-Oriented Process Management”, so he’s returning the favor.

Here is how Christoph describes the episode: “Join the Process Evangelist and the Process Wizard as they unravel the mysteries of process management. Discover why perceptions can be negative, the magic of communication styles, and the importance of setting goals. Beware the “7 deadly things of processes” and uncover the musical connection to process management. Subscribe now and embark on a magical journey through the world of BPM. Unlock your potential in just a few minutes!”

Timeline: 0:00 – Introduction 5:50 – Negative view on BPM 9:08 – 3 reasons by the Evangelist or why Change Mgmt is important 13:05 – 1st reason by the Wizard 15:02 – Just change your language 16:15 – 2nd reason by the Wizard 18:43 – Unbroken chain of influence 23:10 – Why clear goals are important 26:11 – 7 deadly sins of a process or how to consult correctly 31:26 – What music and BPM have in common 33:39 – Goodbye