What are the needs of a small business compared to a larger one? Can they use the same approaches for process improvement and business process management? Shall they use the same tools?

This week we are speaking with an expert on this topic (and also a small business owner herself – Adi Klevit. Adi is running her own firm that has specialized on helping small organizations with process documentation/process management and helps them to create the consistency that they need … just like larger organizations. She also runs her own podcast on that topic called “Systems Simplified Podcast”.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • Adi’s background
  • Why doing processes for a small organization?
  • Sales of “process” to small organizations (vs. large organizations)
  • Processes start with a “Why” and change management is important
  • Uses of process documentation in small orgs
  • Where to start when beginning the process journey? What is her approach to mapping?
  • How to make sure that the process documentation is used?

You can reach Adi via LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adiklevit/. Her business can be found at bizsuccesscg.com and her podcast is called Systems Simplified Podcast.

Please reach out to us by either sending an email to hello@whatsyourbaseline.com or leaving us a voice message by clicking here.

Ep. 43 – Process management for small organizations: Adi Klevit What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

Additional information

S4E4 Title Org. Change Management
  • We covered the topic of org change management a couple of times here on the podcast, but mentioned the episode with Jehane Adam.


Music by Jeremy Voltz, www.jeremyvoltzmusic.com

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