How do you set up learning and enablement for your architecture/process people? What has changed since the days of instructor-led training, and where will the field of enablement go into the future (hint: it might be creepy for some of us). In this episode of the What’s Your Baseline? podcast we are looking into the field of learning and enablement and discuss this topic with three experts of the field, and the background of working/having worked in process organizations.

Ron is the Director Global Learning at iGrafx, and an adept and insightful learning and development professional with a 20-year career leading training strategy and programs for a diverse set of global companies. He has a proven track record of building organizational development initiatives from inception to delivery—coaching large, complex teams through content assessment, design, and implementation.

Peter is the co-founder of, a company that is all about Empowered Employees, Delighted Users, and Captivated Customers by combining Customer Centricity (CX), Employee Centricity (EX), and User Centricity (UX) with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
His focus is on leadership development and team training, and he works as a coach, trainer, author, speaker, and podcaster. As a person, he is highly driven and motivated with more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He believes in leading by example with a clear focus on growing talent instead of just managing people.

Adam is the other co-founder of SKLLD. For over a decade, he has helped visionary teams worldwide build highly innovative products and cultures focused on customer satisfaction. Adam’s training sessions teach teams innovation methods, optimization strategies, and how to use AI to be 10x more efficient at work. The end result? Customer-centric products, cost savings after a few days of workshops, new revenue streams—and owning the future of your industry.
When Adam is not obsessing about innovation and AI, you can find him shaping our future leaders – he teaches young people communication, creativity, AI skills, and empathy, so they can thrive in an AI-powered world.

Ron Cohen

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • Our guest’s backgrounds
  • Training/coaching/enablement (sender perspective) vs. learning (receiver perspective)
  • What brings people to learn?
  • Continuous learning as culture (and business benefits of it)
  • Demands of reducing training/enablement time
  • The influence of AI on learning and what to learn
  • What to focus on in a corporate learning environment
  • Implications for learning content creation
  • How to measure the value of learning and enablement?

All three can be found on Linked In: Ron Cohen, Peter Dern, Adam Egger.

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Ep. 58 – Learning and Enablement: Ron Cohen, Peter Dern, Adam Egger What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

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