We made it – 25 long form episodes of the podcast (and 7 “Shorts” as well).

By popular demand – and because our statistics shows it – we are having “(Another) Ten Things I’ve Learned” episode. This time we are talking about three major areas:

How to measure your architecture and improvement programs

  • Architecture / BPM is not about the topics at hand (apps, processes, etc.) it is about people and how people interact with each other
  • When measuring architecture, make things SMART
  • Process Mining is the “next hot thing”, but it is not all and other, older process improvement methods still have their place
  • Process and Task Mining can’t shotgun a Solution

How to get your arms around (some of) the people aspects

  • There is a new interest in “Process” while “EA” is still stuck in technology
  • We have a responsibility to enable the next generation of BPM and EA
  • Enablement must include “why”
  • Internal communications cannot come with expectations of attention

How the “new reality” in which we work for two years by now will affect us practitioners

  • We need to rethink the role of “The Office”
  • Podcasts and videos are the new way to communicate the topics

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