A few weeks ago, my co-host of the What’s Your Baseline podcast, J-M Erlendson, held a presentation about Process and Task Mining and how they differ and work together.

Many organizations struggle to realize the benefits of Process Mining, despite having good transactional data and powerful toolsets. What if they’re not seeing the whole picture? What if key improvement opportunities are buried somewhere between the system and the human?

In this session, J-M explores the practice of combining insights from traditional process mining and task visibility from Robotic Process Discovery (task mining). We’ll discover the benefits of combining these techniques and their data sets to make more evidence-based decisions for transformation. Lastly, we’ll explore a real-world example and see how a major manufacturing organization uncovered end-to-end process weaknesses and adopted these practices to tremendously increase efficiencies.

Enjoy J-M’s speech in the video below (brought to you by Software AG):