The age old question: how do you make your processes “evergreen”. Well, one way is to update your models on a regular basis (for example to comply with regulations), but is that really “the process” or is it just a picture of it? Your processes come to life when someone performs them and for this you need to be able measure them.

Maximilian Neumaier - Low-Code/No-Code Automation

To support the process execution you can use an automation tool (a “heavy” BPMS, RPA, etc.) or you can use a lightweight low-code/no-code tool for this that business units can use themselves to solve their automation needs.

Our guest in this episode is Maximilian Neumaier, who is leading the Professional Services group at TIM Solutions and is implementing their low-code/no-code automation platform for over a decade now – starting as a working student and growing into his current leadership role.

In this episode of the podcast we are talking about:

  • Maximilian’s background
  • Workflow philosophy and some examples
  • Benefits of automating things in a dedicated workflow tool
  • Process as the starting point for every automation initiative
  • How to implement a process using low-code/no-code automation
  • General recommendations for your project

You can reach Maximilian via LinkedIn ( or TIM’s website at

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Ep. 67: Low-Code/No-Code Automation: Maximilian Neumaier What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

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  • We referred to two other episodes in the conversation


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